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Form Settings

Form Settings

If you are unclear about any fields when editing the form settings page, hover over a “?” to show a brief description about that section.

General Settings

  • Form Name – Name of the form, displayed at the top of the form when viewed
  • Form Content – Text content displayed after the title on the form.
  • Submit Button Text – Set the text displayed on the forms submit button

Form Confirmation

  • Confirmation Type – What happens when the form is complete show message or Redirect to page
  • Confirmation Location – Where the confirmation message appears.
  • Confirmation Message – Text to display one successful submission
  • Confirmation Redirect – Location to redirect too on successful submission.

Display Settings

  • Style Editor – Enable display the user of the style editor

ReCAPTCHA Settings

Add a reCAPTCHA spam field to the form, you will need to generate an api key on the recaptcha website and follow there instructions on how to get a site key and public key.

Form Styles

If you have enabled the style editor in the display settings, on form save a style tab will appear at the top in the header, click this to view all the style choices, each field has a “?” explaining what section it styles, click on the text input box to show a colour picker, once you have the ideal colour, click anywhere on the page to hide.

You can disable each style individually by checking the checkbox labelled “Disable”.