WordPress Form Builder

Highly configurable and easy to use WordPress Drag and Drop Form Builder Plugin,
Making it simple to create and display any type of form.

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Multiple Field Types

Create forms from our vast selection of field types such as text inputs, password inputs, radio buttons, checkboxes, and dropdowns ...

Manage Submissions

All form submissions are managed within the form admin area, keep track of what has been read and easily find submissions with searchable archive.

Data Validation

Validate submitted data per field by choosing from our built in validation methods, each with the ability to customise displayed messages.

Email Notifications

Easily setup email notifications to alert users when a new submission is completed, use merge tags to display form data with the message.

Customisable Display

Display using shortcodes, or control how it looks with the display functions, giving you as much or as little customisation as required.

Anti Spam Integration

Built in reCAPTCHA anti spam to help filter out unwanted messages helping you receive more of the submissions you want.

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Drag and Drop Form Builder

Easily create a variety of forms using our extensive list of fields, each with configurable validation settings making sure you get the correct data needed.

Form Notifications

Setup and receive email notifications when the forms submitted, or automatically thank the user for filling out the form. Setup as many or as little notifications as required.

Form Entries

All forms by default store submitted data with the WordPress admin area, allowing you to easily view and manage received submissions.

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